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Programs and Schemes in the Department

Atal Tinkering Lab –

Atal Tinkering Lab

Atal Tinkering Lab

Government of India, through Neeti Aayog has launched a program namely “Atal Tinkering Lab” to create and inculcate scientific thought,creativity and innovative ideas among students. It is a step forward to encourage and motivate students to take up research work and become scientist. Two schools from the district, Govt. Multipurpose Hr. Sec.School,Bilaspur and Govt. Multipurpose Hr. Sec.School,Pendrahas been selected for this programme.For the establishment of Lab Central Govt. has initially provided Rs.8 lakh,then for functioning Rs 2 lakh per year for 5 years and Rs 2 lakh for maintenance & repair, total Rs 20 lakh. Following are the achievements till date by Govt. Multipurpose Hr.Sec.School,Bilaspur under this programme :-

  1. Students from Govt. Multipurpose Hr. Sec.School,Bilaspur represented district / state in World Robotic Exhibition at Noida in October’2017. In the exhibition Military Academy appreciated Land Mines Detector Model developed by the students and were keen to acquire the technology of this Detector Model. In an online competition, out of 10,000 models,the Clean Energy Model from Govt. Multipurpose Hr. Sec.School,Bilaspur was selected to take part in the Exhibition held at Tal Katorastadium,New Delhi on 15th& 16th December 2017.
  2. • At the National Robotics Exhibition held at New Delhi two models from Govt. Multipurpose Hr. Sec.School,Bilaspur appeared in the Top 10 list with the model “MOKSHA” securing no.1 position and adjudged to represent India in International Robotics Exhibition to be held at Dubai in June’18.
  3. • Neeti Aayog had organized Atal Tinkering Marathon where more than 10000 models were presented by nearly 35000 students.Here again students from Govt. Multipurpose Hr. Sec.School,Bilaspur secured second position behind Arunachal Pradesh.

Teacher Supporting Systems —

The Teacher Supporting System is a mobile app running on Google Farm, which is designed for monitoring of schools in Bilaspur district, by this app, the principal send daily, weekly and monthly information of their School to the District Education Officer Bilaspur. Excel is available in the formatting which is filtered and These reports are reviewed from time to time by taking the principals’ meeting.
This app is divided into three parts-

Daily Report-

Every day in the daily report, the principal has to send information on various points, it is divided into four parts.

First Part
  1. Number of teachers present today
  2. Number of Teachers in Leave
  3. Name of teachers who go for official work
  4. Name of the absent teachers without notice
  5. Name of teachers coming late
  6. Name of teachers who leave school prematurely
Second part

information about class observation by the principal.

Third part

information of the period taken by the Principal।

Fourth part

children’s presence information

Weekly Report

In the weekly report, principals are required to send information in the last working day of the week and send the complete information of the unit test taken for each week.

Monthly Report

In the monthly report, the principals have to send information in the first week of each month. It has to send information about various activities and special work done in the schools in the previous month. In that month, the name of the best teachers and students is sought based on the principal’s assessment.

The information sent to every principal of Bilaspur district has been made mandatory by this app by the District Education Officer. This app has been installed on every principal’s mobile.

Lakshya 2018 –

Lakshya 2018

Lakshya 2018

Lakshya 2018

Lakshya 2018

As an innovation in education, DEO,Bilaspur has been pursuing a program called “LAKSHYA” for the last three years. This year also “Lakshya 2018” was organized from 20th to 23rd February 2018. For quantitative improvement in Board Exams( 10th& 12th) Question Bank was pepared by experts for all the subjects. All High/Higher Secondary Schools were guided to let the students practice writing answers over and over again.
For qualitative achievement of results,a 4 day coaching with boarding facilities “Lakshya 2018” was organized for students who had secured 85% or more in half-yearly and pre-board exams.Subject experts guided these students on writing skills and time management during examination. They also cleared their subject related queries. An additional 1 hour period was allotted for Guest Lecture to motivate students. On the first day CEO,Jila Panchayat Bilaspur, second day Director DPI, New Raipur, third day IG Bilaspur range and on the final day Collector, Bilaspur were the elite guest lecturers who interacted with the students and gave them valuable tips on preparation for examination and how to cope with the stress. This training and advice shall help the students in performing better in Board Exams as well as other competitive exams in future.

ICT Project –

ICT Project

ICT Project

This project is creating a computer friendly atmosphere and awareness among students. 49997 students from 130 schools of the district (120 E- category and 28 T-category schools,including 82 Higher Secondary and 48 High Schools) have benefited under this scheme.

Saraswati Cycle Yozana

Under this scheme 15847 girl students are provided with bicycle in the year 2017- 18. This scheme has increased enrollment of girl students by 10% in the last 5 years.

Government Primary School Kaarichhapar

This primary school in Masturi block is a role model for other schools in terms of sanitation / cleanliness and teaching is done in eco-friendly environment. Under the able guidance of Shri Net Ram Baiga,Asstt.Teacher(P.) this school has 92 trees in the campus and counting is taught to the students by assigning numbers to these trees. Non-usable waste is disposed off clinically and technically. This school is a fine example of PPP Model.

Digital Teaching –

Digital Teaching

Digital Teaching

Smt. Nalini Rai, teacher at Govt. Primary School,Lohari in Marwahi block teaches students using digital techniques procured and installed at her own expense without any government aid or grant. This is an inspiring example of selfless dedication towards her duty.

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