Sarathi 4.0

In RTO Bilapsur launched new software known Sarathi 4.0 for licence work.

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has been facilitating computerization of more than 1000 Road Transport Offices (RTOs) across the country. RTOs issue Driving License (DL) that are valid across the country. It was necessary to define same standards for these documents on a pan-India level to ensure interoperability and correctness and timely availability of information. SCOSTA committee setup for this purpose had recommended a uniform standardized software across the country. Ministry entrusted National Informatics Centre the task to standardize and deploy the software SARATHI for Driving Licenses and compilation of data with respect to Driving Licenses of all the states in State Register and National Register.

The SARATHI is conceptualized to capture the functionalities as mandated by Central Motor Vehicle Act 1988 as well as State motor vehicle Rules with customization in the core product to suit the requirements of 36 States.