National Food Security Mission

Beneficiaries-Small, Marginal & Large Farmers

  • Demonstrations
    Direct Seeded Rs 7500/ha.
    Line Transplanting Rs 7500/ha.
    SRI Ra. 7500/ha.
    Hybrid Rice (one Cluster of 100 ha) Rs.7500/ha.
  • Cropping system based demonstration
    (a) Rice – Pea Rs 12500/ha.
    (b) Rice- Rabi Arhar/gruoundnut/ Lythurus Rs 12500/ha.
    (C) Rice-Gram Rs 12500/ha.
    (d) Rice- Maize Rs 12500/ha.
  • Seed Distribution:
    (a) Hybrid Rice Seed Rs. 5000/qtl.
    (b) HYVs Seeds Race Rs 1000/qtl.
    (b) HYVs Seeds Pulses Rs 2500/qtl.
  • Plant and Soil Protection Management:
    (a) Micronutrients Rs 500/ha.
    (b) Liming in Acidic Soils Rs 1000/ha.
    (c) Plant Protection Chemicals and bio‐agents Rs 500/ha.
    (d) Weedicides Rs 500/ha.
  • Resource Conservation Techniques/Tools:
    (a) Conoweeder Rs. 600/Nos.
    (b) Manual Sprayer Rs 600/Nos.
    (c) Power knack Sack sprayer Rs 3000/Nos.
    (d) Multi Crop Planter Rs 15000/Nos.
    (e) Seed drill Rs 15000/Nos.
    (f) Power Weeder Rs 15000/Nos.
    (g) Zero Till Multi Crop Planter Rs 15000/Nos.
    (h) Drum seeder Rs. 1500/Nos.
    (i) Rotavator Rs 35000/Nos.
    (j) Laser Land Leveler Rs 150000/Nos.
    (k)Paddy thresher/multi‐crop thresher Rs 40000/nos.
    (l)Self Propelled Paddy transplanter Rs 75000/Nos.
    (m) Distribution of Power Tiller Rs 60000/unit or 50% of the cost whichever is less.
    (n)Incentive for Pump Sets Rs 10000/Nos.
    (o)Pipe for carrying water from source to the field Rs 15000 per Farmer.
    (p)Cropping System based trainings (Four Sessions i.e. one before Kharif and rabi seasons, One each during Kharif and Rabi crops ) Rs 14000/Nos.
  • Local Initiatives
    a) Construction of Godowns Rs 6000/mt (upto 50mtr) Rs 150000/Nos.
    Reaper Rs. 50000/Nos.

National Mission For Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) RAD

Beneficiaries-Smal, Marginal & Large Farmers

  • I. Integrated Farming System
    Horticulture Based Farming System Rs 25000/ Ha Subsidy.
    Livestock Based Farming System Rs 25000/ Ha Subsidy.
    Dairy Based Farming System Rs 40000/ Ha Subsidy.
    Fishery Based Farming System Rs 25000/ Ha Subsidy.
    Silvi-pastoral system/NTFP.
    Tree based farming system (Wadi) Cropping System with perepheral plantation Rs 10000/ Ha Subsidy.
  • II. Value addition and Resource Conservation
    Green house.
    Naturally Ventilated Tubular Structure.
    Naturally Ventilated wooden Structure.
    Post harvest& storage Rs 150000/Unit Subsidy.
    Water harvesting Tank/ pond/dug well (Individual).
    Community Tank (Community/Govt. Land).
    Check Dam Rs 15.00 Lakh / Unit Subsidy (Govt. Land).
    Water Lifting Devices.
    Vermi compost (Individual) Rs 12500/Unit.
    Training on IFS / resource conservation Rs.10000/Training (30 Farmers).

Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY)

Beneficiaries-Small, Marginal & Large Farmers

  • Distribution of Seed mini kits (Pulses 4 kg, Oil Seed 1 kg. , Minor Millets 4 kg.).
    Distribution of Hybrid Maize Seed Minikit (4kg/0.2 ha.) Kharif.
    Subsidy to Farmer for SHALLOW TUBE WELL max. Rs.5000/-for digging and Rs 15000/- for pump.
    Pesticide testing lab.
    Construction of Check dams in Govt. Land Max. Rs. 15 lakh each.

Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA)

Beneficiaries-Small, Marginal & Large Farmers

  • Developing/Revisiting SREP Rs. 1.50 lakh (One Time) Training of Farmers.
  • Training of Farmers
    (a) Inter State Rs. 1250 per Farmer per Day.
    (b) Within State Rs. 1000 per Farmer per Day.
    (c) Within District Rs. 250 per Farmer per Day.
  • (a) Organized Demonstration
    Agriculture Rs. 3000/ per Demo.0.4 ha.
    Horticulture Rs. 4000/ Demo. 0.4 ha.
    Veterinary Rs. 4000/ Demo.
    Fisheries Rs. 4000/ Demo.
    Sericulture Rs. 4000/ Demo.
  • Exposure visits of farmers
    Inter-State Rs. 800/Per Day/Per Participant.
    Within the State Rs.400/Per Day/Per Participant.
    Within District Rs.300/Per Day/Per Participant.
  • (I) Mobilization of Farmers Groups – FIG/WIF/Fos/COs/FCs
    (a) Their capacity building skill development and support services Rs. 5000 Per Group Per Year.
    (b) Seed money/ revolving funds Rs. 10000 Per Viable Group.
    (c) Food security groups (women) Rs. 10000 Per Viable Group.
    Rewards/ incentives to best organized groups – representing different enterprises Rs 20000 Per Group Per Year.
    Farmer Awards – best farmers representing different enterprises Rs 10000 Per Farmer Per Year.
  • (II) Farm Information Dissemination
    District level exhibition/ kisan melas/ fruit/ vegetable shows Rs 4 lakh Per District.
    (a) Information Dissemination through printed leaflets, etc. and advertisement Rs 4 lakh Per District.
    (b) Low cost publication Rs 72000 Per Block Per Publication.
    Development of technology package on digital form to be shared through IT network Rs 20000 Prepackage.
  • (III) Agricultural Technology Refinement, Validation and Adoption:
    (a) Farmer- Scientist Interaction at District level (25 farmers for two days) Rs 20000 Per Interaction.
    (b) Designated expert support from KVK/SAU at district level Rs 2000 Per Month Per District.
    (c) Joint visits by Scientists & Extension Workers Rs 1400 Per Visit.
    Organization Field Days and Kisan Goshties to strengthen R-E-F linkages Rs 15000 Per Program (Two Program Per Block).
    Assessment, Refinement, Validation and Adoption of Front-line Technologies & other short term re-searchable issues through KVKs and other local research centers Rs 5 Lakhs Per District.
    (D) Farm School.
    Agriculture Rs 29414 Per Program.
    Horticulture Rs 29414 Per Program.
    Veterinary Rs 29414 Per Program.
    Fisheries Rs 29414 Per Program.
    Sericulture Rs 29414 Per Program.
    Farmer Friend Rs 6000 Per FF Per Year (One FF/Two Village).
    (E) Other Innovative Activities.
    Innovate activities Component – District Level Rs 50000 Per Block.
    ITD Component.
    Display board Rs 2000 Per Board.
    Pico Projector Rs 30000 Per Block.
    Low cost film Production Rs 50000 Per Film.
    a) Handheld Devices Rs 20000 Per Device.
    b) GPRS Charges Rs 5000 Device.
    Kala jatha and other innovative practices Rs 10000 Per kala Jatha.

National Mission of Oilseed and Oilpalm of MM-I (OILSEED)

  • Seed Component 
    Purchase of Breeder Seeds/percent lines crop actual cost of the breeder seed.
    Subsidy on Production of Foundation seed Rs. 1000/- per qtl. or 50% whichever is less (Varieties/hybrid) which are released during last 10 year.
    Subsidy on Production of Certified seed Rs. 1000/- per qtl. or 50% whichever is less (Varieties/hybrid) which are released during last 10 year.
    Distribution of Certified seed Rs. 2500/- 4000/-per qtl. or 50% whichever is less (Varieties/hybrid) which are released during last 15 year.
    Til Rs. 5000/- per qtl. or 50% whichever is less (Varieties/hybrid) which are released during last 15 year.
  • Transfer of Technology
    Block Demonstration crop and variety wise.
    Integrated pest management (Farmers Field School) Rs. 26700/- (norms as per the guideline).
    farmers training (30 farmers for 2 days) Rs. 24000/-per training (norms as per the guideline).
    Training of extension officer (20 officer for 2 days) Rs. 36000/- per training (norms as per the guideline).
  • Production Input
    Rhyzobium/PSB distribution Rs.300/- or 50% whichever is less as per guidelines.
    Distribution of plant protection chemicals in which weeds are Rs.500 / – or 50% whichever is less.
    Farm Machinery and Irrigation Tools.
    Distribution of PP Equipment.
    Distribution of manual operated plant protection equipment (sprayer) Rs. 600/- or 40% whichever is less & Rs. 800/- or 50% whichever is less for SC/ST/Small marginal/women farmers.

Sri Vidhi

Expansion of Sri Vidhi Paddy Performance amount Rs.1400 per acre.

Summer paddy

Extraction of pulse oil-seed maize crop instead of summer paddy and expenditure of Rs 5000 per hectare.

Expansion of bi-cropped area

Crop expenditure from bi-crop field expansion is Rs 5000 per hectare.