Culture & Heritage

Mahamaya Temple, Ratanpur (District Bilaspur)

This ancient temple is situated at a distance of 25 km on the road of Bilaspur-Ambikapur road (Via-Katghora) on the banks of the ancient historical site Ratanpur, on the banks of the lake. Temple Pavilion and entrance are artistic and visible. The Mahamaya temple is inside a curb which was built during the Maratha period. In the 12-13th century AD, this temple is dedicated to Mahayaya Devi, who was the Goddess of the cultures of Ratanpur branch.

Ancient Shiva Temple, Kirari Gordhi (District Bilaspur)

This monument is situated at a distance of 30 km from Bilaspur (Via-Bilaspur railway station) in Kirari Gordhi village on a small channel, this temple is situated in the Kalchuri period (about 11-12 years old) Shiva temple. The temple has been renovated and scattered statues have been displayed in the temple council.

Deorani – Jethani Temple, Amarikampa (District Bilaspur)

Devarani Temple

Built in these temples, the semi-fractal Devarani temple is Shiva Temple, whose face is towards the east side. The statue, which is called as Rudrasiva, is the most amenable of this statue. This huge monolithic double-colored statue is standing in the Sambhangamundra and its height is 2.70 meters.

Jethani Temple

Dakshinmukhi is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The structure known as the ruins is exposed by excavation. Anyone can know about its geo-construction plan by looking at it. Chattisgarh’s architectural art has emerged in its stone cluster.