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Determination of salary for government daily wage workers and employees who get a salary from the contingency fund. 05/04/2021 View (2 MB)
Regarding providing departmental information. 29/12/2020 View (1 MB)
Regarding providing information for the webpage about Bilaspur district in the district website. 08/07/2020 View (548 KB)
IP Address Request Form 24/06/2020 View (216 KB)
Regarding the election related information in all district websites. 10/08/2018 View (2 MB)
Regarding building district website through S3WaaS Framework. 27/07/2018 View (2 MB)
Regarding to verify the reported information given by the departments in the official website of District Bilaspur, 13/06/2018 View (600 KB)
Regarding to upload documents (Recruitment,Tender,Notice, etc.) in the official website of District Bilaspur 13/06/2018 View (2 MB)
Bilaspur Gazetteer 01/04/2018 View (1 MB)
Statistical Report 12/06/2020 View (957 KB)